Sinologist, webmaster and journalist. Paris-based.

I love miso soup, Chinese shredded potatos and post-it notes.


When I first decided to study Mandarin, I was looking for a language whose grammar and semantics would challenge my western mental models. And Chinese did. I’ve lived in China for about a year, I studied Chinese culture, history, philosophies and religions. I fell in love with China.



Unexpectedly, my interest in China led me to journalism. Between 2012 and 2014, I interned and worked for several media, writing articles in English, French and Italian, mainly about Asian countries, human rights and development issues.

It was particularly during my time at the news agency Inter Press Service at the UN headquarters in New York that I really learnt how to find a story, see the human side of it, relate it to hard data, and choose the right angle to tell it.


In the last few years, I’ve been discovering web development and this was when I started down that dangerous path where the more you discover, the more you want to learn.

As webmaster of the intranet of an NGO, I work on editorial strategy, user experience, information architecture and web ergonomics on a daily basis, in order to build a thriving online community where the NGO’s activists can easily find information and exchange ideas.

I’m particularly interested in data visualization and online narratives, and the new possibilities they open in the ways a story can be told.

I believe new media and information can help us make informed decisions and empower civil society to bring about social change. My aspiration is to use my skills and knowledge to play an active part in this process.


You can view my resume on Linkedin
You can reach me at contact@silviaromanelli.com